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This blog is mainly for white settlers trying to not be(come) another obstacle to decolonization, since we inevitably are. It is about imagining  ways to exist that are not only intersectionally anti-oppresive, but modes of existence that are constantly unsettling, not centrally invested in white settler futurity, so that they are not antithetical to decolonization.

The author is Trycia, who grew up in Northern Quebec, just a bit south of Traditional Cree Territory, Eeyou Istchee, in a french canadian family, whose ancestors have been settlers/occupiers for a few generations.

Trycia is a phd student with interest in settler-colonialism in the present and in the future, particularly in Canadian context but also internationally and transnationally. Her background is feminist studies.

Her current research focuses the replication of settler colonial logic in International development education, and how these logics have direct impacts on the lives of people and contribute to continued land dispossession and normalized misogyny. Other research interest includes settler environmentalism, settler affect, material (land, water and body) agency, responsibility based pedagogies, Indigenous self-determination, critical curriculum studies, decriminalization of sex work, decoloniality scholarship, land-based practices/pedagogies, social change and social movements.

Producing work that directly support restorative justice, resurgence and land return is her aim.

Trycia organizes with Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa when she is on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Nations.

Otherwise, Trycia enjoys cute pets, swimming, hiking, biking and eating.



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